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Karol Sevilla responds if he already gave love a new opportunity

With the closing of the year 2022 just around the corner, the Mexican singer Karol Sevilla prepares to welcome new projects in the professional field. However, for the first time in several months, she opened up about her love life and what awaits her in this new year.

We cannot forget that last November, the protagonist of ‘Soy Luna’ and Emilio Osorio announced the end of their relationship after just over a year together. Y, Despite the speculation that arose in this regard, both kept a low profile and kept the reason for their separation private.

Now, both celebrities have decided to leave the past behind and focus on themselves. In fact, Karol Sevilla said she was at peace with the fact of ending this year single and without commitments.

“I close the year single, I think loving myself very much, learning many things, like self-love. The last thing that was left in the year was that, learning about myself, how much I love myself “told before the cameras of the program ‘Today’.

As a result of this period of introspection, the 23-year-old has come to the conclusion that she needs to continue preparing at a professional level, which is why this fact has been placed as one of her priorities for 2023.

In addition, he already has several surprises prepared for his fans, including a song: “With my music I finished composing ‘La Canción’, which is a ballad that is about to come out. I am very excited, it is a ballad to which I put all my heart and my love, “she concluded.

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