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Karol G shows off her attributes using a tiny black bra

Carol G. did a very original campaign to promote his new album tomorrow will be nice, in which miniclips dedicated to each of the songs included on the disc stand out. And now she raised the temperature by showing herself very sensual in a video, wearing a tiny black bra with which she showed off her attributes while the introduction of the theme was heard “Besties”.

The reggaeton singer accompanied a photo published on her Twitter account instagram with a long message in which he thanks his fans for the acceptance that the album has had, which has already broken several records after its release: “It’s not just about the numbers… but these numbers let me see the incredible love with which who received this job and TOGETHER WE ARE MAKING HISTORY!!!! ✨✨✨ It really means the whole world to me ❤️‍🔥🌸 Don’t stop listening to it, dancing to it and dedicating it, it’s made with the Heart for that!! 🦋🌸🌈🌷☀️🌥️🍄 THANK YOU!!!”

The latest single from Carol G. is “TQG”a duet with Shakira that has caused a sensation, and in less than three days the video clip is one of the favorites in Youtube, where it exceeds 70 million views. The reggaeton singer also wrote a message about that achievement: “When women come together, THE RESULT IS POWERFUL ✨✨✨✨ Making history together ❤️‍🔥 TQG.”

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