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Karol G sets fire to social networks with a video where she wears a sensual white corset

It seems that the artistic career of Carolina Giraldo Navarro, better known to her fans as Karol G still does not reach its ceiling, as it constantly monopolizes the spaces dedicated to entertainment.

In the same way that her musical hits rise like foam on the popularity charts, her continuous presentations and all the content she shares on social networks have placed the Colombian singer among the most popular characters.

On music platforms every month there are more than 40 million fans who download their hits and everything indicates that 2022 is a year in which life has allowed him to fulfill the vast majority of the dreams raised at the beginning of his career in the music industry.

In this sense, the rapprochement and empathy achieved with her close to 58 million followers on Instagram also consolidate her as a celebrity on social networks.

And it is that The 31-year-old from Antioquia knows how to turn on her fans through the videos that she usually promotes on her profile.

In her latest “mischief”, Karol G left very little to the imagination by sharing a fragment of a hot video where, in just 10 seconds, she manages to capture the attention of even the most clueless of men.

The “Bichota” this time wears a tight pearl white corset that seems to open in the center at the exact moment when she holds him with her hands as she approaches defiantly and facing the camera to show the brilliance of her cinnamon skin, which contrasts with her red hair.

The position of the camera and the low light that prevails in the room where the video was taken further highlight the physical attributes of the Colombian interpreter, who She proves to be an expert at capturing the attention of her followers ahead of the premiere of a film where her voice will take over the screen.

On December 22, Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, a sequel to the charismatic feline that this time will feature the participation of Karol G, will be screened in movie theaters. alternating with Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek and Harvey Guillen, among other figures.

In this way, before closing the year, the Colombian will once again be the subject of news.

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