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Karol G sang and danced “TQG” in Puerto Rico and drove the public crazy

Karol G during a concert at the Hiram Bithorn Sosa Stadium, Puerto Rico.

Photo: Gladys Vega/Getty Images

Colombian singer Carol G. performed in concert in San Juan, Puerto Rico for three days in a row in which tickets were sold out. With a full house, the artist gave it her all on stage where for the first time she sang and danced in front of her fans ‘TQG’, the song she has with Shakira.

The dates March 10, 11 and 12 for the concerts had ‘sold out’. Some 35,000 people turned up during each of those three days to enjoy the ‘Bichota’ show at the Hiram Bithorn Stadium.

In the artist’s first date with Puerto Ricans, fans were able to listen to live singles from her new album ‘Mañana ser bonito’, including ‘TQG’, the song with Shakira, which It has more than 200 million views on YouTube.

To interpret the theme, he wore an outfit with military-style fabric, with a corset and pants; her loose red hair. In the staging, he performed the choreography that he did with his countrywoman in the video clip and that has gone viral on social networks.

Dancers accompanied Karol G with similar costumes and performing daring passes on the floor and on top of ATVs located on the stage. Meanwhile, the maddened audience chanted the lyrics and yelled at the singer.

In that first concert he had as a guest Feid and they sang ‘Friki’, the collaboration they have together, and they even danced. Many Internet users have assured that this presentation confirmed that the rumors of a romance between them are very true.

Likewise, the ‘Bichota’ also performed ‘Tus Gafitas’, songs that many say is dedicated to the singer.

Such was the uproar over the presence of Ferxxo in the Puerto Rican show that fans even mocked Anuel AA, formerly of Karol G on social networks. They told the Puerto Rican that the Colombian “dogged” the ‘Bichota’ on his island.

“La Bebecita (Nickname that Anuel had for Karol G) and Ferxxo having a good time Rico yesterday in PR. There are things that money can’t buy” or “No bro, a lot of humiliation that Feid gave you was dogged by Karol G in your country”are part of the 19,000 comments left on Instagram in a photo in which he appears with a bale of money simulating a mobile.
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