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Karol G made a chronology in his new album that would reveal that he is not single

Karol G, the ‘Bichota’ strategically organized her album ‘Tomorrow will be beautiful’

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The singer Karol G premiered her album tomorrow will be beautiful on Friday, February 24 and is already in the first places of various digital platforms. The record material is made up of 17 songs that the ‘Bichota’ organized in a special order and that would reveal that she is not single.

The interpreter of ‘Tusa’ herself has said that with this album she opened her heart exposing stages and situations that occurred in the last two years in her personal life.

On her YouTube channel, the singer from Medellín explained that “Tomorrow will be beautiful” recounts the darkest days in chronological order -after her breakup with rapper Anuel AA- and those that began to have an unexpected light with someone very special-many they rumor that it is Feid.


With this single the story opens, in the lyrics he describes the feelings he experienced when he saw his ex-partner starting a new relationship. Her suffering and bitterness were present in her when she saw him happy while she mourned remembering what they lived together.

Gucci for the cloths

It is the second song on the album. It is a ranchera that curiously bears the name of the clothing brand most used by her ex-love. In this song she comments on the request to return even though he was the one who decided to end the relationship they had.

X if we come back

The third song is a collaboration with Romeo Santos and was released before the album came out, a fan favorite. In the lyrics, she talks about an intimate farewell between her and her ex-boyfriend, as well as the possibilities of returning, but without the formality that existed.

While I heal from Cora

The fourth theme, as in most of his lyrics, Karol G reveals what he is experiencing, but in this song in particular he confesses that he feels bad and that this is valid, that with time his heart will heal and “tomorrow will be more pretty”.


In the fifth single, the Colombian highlights how important friends are to support in the midst of a breakup process. In it she recounts that she went to party at the discos with the possibility of “bellaquear” with some conquest.


For the sixth story of his process, he selected the collaboration with Bad Gyal and Sean Paul, in it he talks about some things he did when he had a few drinks on him, such as calling someone with whom he would like to have a simple eventual intimate encounter, but that person would have intentions of involving the heart


The seventh song is probably one of the most played and the most viewed video on the album because it is a special collaboration with his countrywoman Shakira. Both experienced love disappointments with their ex-partners and they express it. Although in the lyrics they acknowledge that they felt pain, they also leave the strong goodbye message for those who love them very much, but both women “were too big” for those men.


In the eighth story is a hit that came out before the album was released. This is a collaboration with Reggaeton Maldy in which he talks about the possible attraction to a new conquest and all the flirting that arises between them.


It is also a single released a long time ago, almost a year ago and is now the ninth song on the album. In this she narrates that she writes to an old acquaintance to give him the news of his bachelorhood and to tell him that she wants to relive those times. It is perceived that at this stage the spite had possibly already passed and with the willingness to live a new love story.

ferrari eyes

The tenth song is a meeting with Ángel Dior and Justin Quiles in which he implies that he wants to party with a “little baby” and without worries.

we damage friendship

Number eleven on the album and where the tracks begin… It’s a collaboration with Sech and they talk about a friendship that is damaged in a special way. Karol G comments that on a trip to Puerto Rico he became intimate with a friend, Internet users who have been following the trail of “Bichota” They speculate that this episode could have happened with Feid, since on November 29 they were on the island and days later they sang together in Medellín. Since then, rumors have emerged that there is a romance between them.


This single is in position 12 on the album ‘Mañana ser bonito’ and was published months ago. In this topic he confesses that he is “speaking nice” to a person with whom there is a casual relationship, will it be the same person with whom he damaged the friendship?


Number 13 is the song that bears her real name and seems dedicated to the man who won her heart after she went through a tough process to get over her ex. Curiously, the song mentions that it is the “official kitten” and in some posts, Feid talks about looking for “cats”.

But you

Theme 14 is a collaboration with Quevedo. The lyrics talk about nights of passion and debauchery, possibly the “kitten” that conquered her.

your little glasses

Number 15 and the favorite of the entire ‘Bichota’ album. This is the peak of the suspicions of the followers of Karol G, as they assure that it is dedicated to Feid, or better known as ‘Ferxxo’. The singer who always wears Oakley brand glasses, the singer of ‘Medallo’ has even been seen on several occasions wearing white ones identical to those used by her countryman.

Another clue about this song is that in the image with which the song is played on YouTube there are green glasses, the color used by Feid. On the subject, Karol G assures that “for you I believe again.”


In 16th place, the singer would implicitly say that she would not be single and talk about the difficult moments, differences and discussions that exist when there is already a courtship. She mentions feelings that she would be experiencing and highlights that love is not made to suffer.

tomorrow will be nice

With this song the Colombian closes her album, history 17. It is a song that invites reflection and recounts the stages she went through in two years of her life, from the end of a love relationship, the healing process and finally the meaning of “tomorrow will be beautiful”.

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