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Karmic relationships: what they are and how to know if you are in one

Karma is an energy that we emanate into the universe and returns to us in the same way it was sent, that is, its positive or negative consequence depends on the actions of each person. In love relationships, this energy is bound to repeat itself over and over again for some reason..

Within our spiritual growth we must go through various personal aspects, many of them associated with third parties. That is where karmic relationships come in, which exist to balance the energy of two individuals.

What are karmic relationships?

A karmic relationship is one that is destined to repeat itself over and over again until both people learn the lesson that the universe has entrusted to them. Therefore, those who are involved in a they feel an instant attraction and as they move on, they discover a purpose.

In the event that they have not found it and do not have a happy ending, it repeats itself in this or another life, until they both overcome that pain, We Mystic explained in an article.

The simplest way to explain it is when a person follows the same pattern to choose partners and does so unconsciously. This pattern is not physical, but behavioral, for example, the friend who always chooses toxic relationships in which he always ends up being cheated on.

How do I know if I’m in a karmic relationship?

There are some signs that can reveal an involvement in a karmic relationship. Some of them are:

sudden and strong attraction: As they are souls that met in the past, they instantly recognize each other and instantly rekindle the flame of passion. He is usually a person diametrically opposed to you, but for some reason they both liked each other and are together.

When they finish, they always wonder why I hung out with that person? If you find the purpose, you possibly learned the karmic lesson.

The relationship is stifling or toxic: in a karmic relationship jealousy, obsessions, fights and misunderstandings quickly come to light. It is possible that you feel the need to be free, but something prevents you. The other person feels the same.

Break up and come back on more than one occasion: couples who break up, separate and return after a few months, do so because they unconsciously know that they are in a karmic relationship and are destined to return until each one has learned their lesson.

feeling of peace: If when you break up with someone you feel happiness, peace and harmony, it means that you were in a karmic relationship and found your purpose.

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