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Karlskoga municipality first in Sweden with technology for food waste

Karlskoga municipality is one of Sweden’s most successful municipalities in innovation. Now the municipality has developed a new digital scale with associated software to use technology to measure food waste.

According to a press release As Dagens Teknik has heard, the technology will be tested at preschools where the daily food waste will be measured. In the announcement, the municipality believes that this will contribute to more food in the stomachs of the children, but also a better environment and an economic mindset.

– We started working on this idea before the summer. It was me, together with business developer Julia Åhlgren and unit manager for nutrition Märta Jakobsson, who discussed what could be done to get a better handle on food waste at our preschools. It is important that the children are full and get enough food during the day; at the same time that food waste has a big impact on our environment and is something that could be done more economically, says Andreas Heydeck, digitization leader at Karlskoga Municipality.

– Something that is crucial in processes like this is to collect reliable data and collect it over a longer period of time. In the past, preschool food waste was measured only a couple of times a year, and then the staff did it manually by writing it down on a piece of paper and then sending it off to someone who processed it manually. It never provided enough data to be able to draw any conclusions, he continues.

Right now there are five scales deployed at different preschools in the municipality. They must be tested for five weeks and then the process and data must be analyzed and evaluated. After the evaluation, it may be relevant to look at whether the technology can be applied to other activities within the municipality.

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