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Kanye West reappears clearing up rumors that something had happened to him

Kanye West closed 2022 with several scandals.

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After several days of speculation that something may have happened to rapper Kanye West, according to a statement from his former business representative, who said West was apparently missing.the controversy dissipated, since he was caught leaving a church.

Despite the alert call made by the singer’s former collaborator, over the weekend, he reappeared in public after Thomas St. John, his former representative, reported his concern about not knowing the whereabouts of the music producer.

According to information from the HotNewHipHop portal, Kanye West was seen by his fans leaving a church, according to social networks, Kim Kardashian’s ex-partner wore a green jacket and cap.

Apparently the rapper did not care about the commotion caused by his supposed disappearance, since he was seen walking with a blonde woman, whose identity has not been revealed. According to a report by ‘TMZ’, the moment was captured in photographs, which showed that both characters were holding hands.

The report that was given was that Kanye West and the woman entered the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York, where they were seen this weekend. For now, no further details have been released what happened to the former Adidas ambassador.

A few days after the start of 2023, it is not known what will happen to the rapper’s career, since due to his political and thought positions he has lost several million dollars in sponsorships, which made him one of the most prosperous singers in the music industry.

On the personal side, it has not gone well for him either, since at the beginning, a few weeks before the end of 2022, West formally divorced the businesswoman and socialite Kim Kardashian, to whom he owes deposit $200,000 per month in child support.

According to the agreement they reached, the rapper must punctually comply with the pension, since if he did not do so, Kardashian could deny him to approach his children. Despite the trouble he’s gotten himself into. Kim has empathized with the mistakes her ex-husband has made by saying that he will always be the father of his children.

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