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Kalimba breaks down in tears in full concert and sends a message after accusations of abuse | VIDEO

kalimba, Mexican singer and member of the famous group OV7, is once again involved in the controversy because he is once again accused of sexual harassment and abuse against a young singer named Melissa Galindo. For this reason, he once again used the scenarios to pronounce himself on the matter.

During his presentation in Las Vegas, Nevada and in front of the thousands of attendees, he decided to take advantage of the microphones to talk about the delicate subject.

“I categorically deny the statements made against me. I will demonstrate with evidence and before the authorities the falsity of these accusations by the hand of my legal team “ In the same way, he took the opportunity to recognize the movements that give women a voice, but regretted that “they are used incorrectly”, since it ensures that revenge or a benefit is sometimes sought “to evade economic and legal responsibilities”.

This was done after hours before, he released a statement to rule on these accusations, through his social networks, where he was categorical in pointing out that the accusations against him are false, and he reiterated it at his concert.

“Ok, the only thing I can say to you today, I want to say to you today, from the bottom of my heart is, love a lot, love a lot. Suddenly we are so full of hatred and resentment and revenge that we are capable of things that for us can be very small, destroying lives and destroying society and destroying people”.


And before this he asked the public not to become judges of anyone. But that did not prevent him from saying the phrase in a mocking tone: “God gives his battles to his best heroes” and he burst out laughing, as did his fans. But that didn’t stop her from breaking down in tears as he talked to fans about him.

Well, he was moved by the great support he received from them: “you have to love a lot” so that the motivation is this feeling, on the other hand, he added: “And that the real struggles and the real movements and the real things that you have to pay attention to, have it, let’s love a lot and thank you for the apapacho today. No one knows where I am right now and I thank you deeply, truly.”

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