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Juventus and Paulo Dybala are in the middle of a controversy over the “Prism Investigation” related to illegal financial maneuvers

Dybala currently belongs to Roma.

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The Argentinian Paulo DybalaRoma player, could be sanctioned with a month of sports disqualification for a private agreement between the footballer and Juventus of more than three million euroswhich the Prosecutor’s Office investigates within the framework of what is known as ‘Prism Investigation’, related to the club’s salary maneuvers in the 2020 financial year.

The Finance Guard questioned the Argentine for an hour and a half this Tuesday about his final stage at Juventus, specifically about the 3 million euros that the investigators wanted to confirm if ‘Juve’ had paid him and, if they had, under what concept, reported today the ‘Repubblica’.

Article 31 of the Sports Justice Code prohibits clubs pAct or pay compensation that violates federal regulationsbut it also prohibits players from agreeing on their collection, which in case of receiving it would entail a disqualification of not less than one month, points out the media.

All the research is based on the 2020 financial year, when due to the socioeconomic situation generated by the COVID-19 pandemic ‘Juve’ agreed to defer payments to certain players who were not included in that year’s fiscal year.

The black and white entity reached an agreement -March 2020- with the players for which they gave up four months of their salary, so the club’s budget was not so damaged in the middle of the pandemic.

However, months later, the Prosecutor’s Office began to investigate this agreement, since it was not a waiver of salary, as the Italian club initially reported, but of a deferral of the payment of three of the four months by means of a private agreementsomething illegal, which meant savings in the Juventus budget.

According to the newspaper, the reason for Dybala’s statement arises from a request for compensation -made by the player’s lawyer to ‘Juve’- once the negotiations for a renewal that did not arrive with the ‘Vecchia Signora’ and that ended with his arrival at Roma, his current team.

A proposal for compensation for pre-contractual liability of more than 3 million that Juventus has included in the new budget as a provision for risksaccording to the Italian newspaper.

The figure is similar to the salary corresponding to four months of the player during 2020 and that they would have agreed to defer the 2021 season through a private agreementin a case identical to the one also known as the ‘Secret Letter’ of the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, a document that ‘Juve’ hid in its day and that revealed the agreement between the Turin club and the Portuguese star.

Dybala’s statement helps researchers to find out if there are more agreements made privately and without the consent of the Italian Football Federation (FIGC).

Juventus will face the preliminary hearing in the framework of the ‘Prisma’ operation that investigates salary maneuvers and the ‘capital gains case’ -reason for 15 points of sanction in Serie A- next March 27.

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