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Justice maintains sickness benefit for summoned from the INSS fine-tooth comb

Insured persons who are waiting for the medical examination carried out by the INSS, for rehabilitation of these professionals to occur, will not occur, since these disability benefits cannot be suspended.

However, there is controversy in this environment, since the INSS ended up calling a 58-year-old physical education teacher, who had to leave due to a serious problem due to a herniated disc, and even so, they called him not for the fine-tooth comb.

As soon as there is no type of analysis eligible for the rehabilitation of that professional in question, the benefit payments must be maintained.

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Who is entitled to Illness Benefit?

People who have had an accident at work or caught a disease in the work environment, and the leave lasts for more than 15 days, the employer must make the due payments, and the INSS will be responsible for paying the benefit from the 16th day of leave of this professional.

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There is a period known as the “grace period” in which the worker must pay the INSS for 12 months in order to obtain some type of benefit and/or assistance.

How does the INSS fine-tooth comb work?

The fine-tooth comb occurs from the moment the worker makes the appointment with an expert from the INSS itself, so that it can be analyzed and the finding that the problem really affects the employee’s life at work, can be removed by means of a medical certificate previously signed. This same certificate must be handed over to the employer.

To access the result of the medical examination, simply access the website of the INSS and choose the Expertise Result option, to check whether you were granted leave or not, and if the answer is no, you will need to get in touch with a qualified lawyer in the area in question and file a decision that appeals against the negative result of the investigation. exam.

Workers who get a positive result from the examination carried out by the medical expert can rest assured at home to recover without failing to receive the benefit or aid amounts.

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