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Just like Belinda! Ángela Aguilar presumes that a fan got a tattoo in her honor

There is no doubt that some fans are willing to do anything to show their love for a celebrity, this was the case with an admirer of Ángela Aguilar who surprised herself by getting a tattoo in honor of the interpretercausing it to be compared with Belinda.

The youngest daughter of Pepe Aguilar continues to attract attention not only for her talent as a singer and beauty that characterize her, since on several occasions she has also received strong criticism due to her behavior or comments that are frowned upon mainly by users of social networks; An example of this is the scandal that she caused after Argentina’s triumph in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar when she assured that she is “25% Argentine”, for which even her father had to come out to defend her.

But once again she is monopolizing the spotlight after boasting that a fanatic tattooed herself in her honor, and that is that according to the photograph that she herself boasted in the stories of her official Instagram account, an admirer named Vanessa decided to capture on her skin an autograph of the 19-year-old singer.

It is a sentence in which one can read: “more memories than life“, in addition to his signature: “Ángela A.”
As expected, the fan also expressed her happiness because it was the interpreter of “What Agony” who wrote the text in her own hand, which she highlighted in the same publication: “My favorite phrase and written by her by hand“.

Ángela Aguilar boasts a fan’s tattoo. / Photo: Instagram Stories @angela_aguilar_

For her part, Ángela Aguilar thanked her fan for her support and affection with some emojis of crying, emotion and a red heart, revealing that she is also flattered with a tremendous gesture.

As expected, the detail caused Ángela Aguilar was compared to Belinda Because not only her sentimental partners end up with a tattoo in her honor, because in the same way there have been several fans who decide to engrave a design somewhere on her body to remember her for the rest of her life.

This was the case of a young man who decided to tattoo the singer’s hand and autograph on his chest; while months earlier during a concert he warned another fan that it was a memory he could never part with: “You are tattooed forever! Even if you delete it, it will be there, huh”, a message that was taken as a hint to Christian Nodal.

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