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Jupiter will be retrograde soon and will affect 3 zodiac signs the most

Jupiter’s retrograde transit will begin on July 28.the largest planet in the Solar System, through the sign of Aries and will turn direct again until November 23 in Pisces, which means we will have some intense months with several retrogrades at the same time.

Pluto, Saturn, Neptune and the asteroid Chiron are currently receding, and the gas giant will join the list this week. A retrograde in astrology occurs when a planet apparently changes its orbit and appears to travel in the opposite direction.

What does Jupiter retrograde mean?

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, this means that it does big things and as it is now in Aries, it drives us to take greater risks, boldly envision the future, and act fearlesslyastrologers explain to Well+Good.

When it turns retrograde it does not mean that progress stops, its expansive energy turns inwards, that is, personal growth.. It is a period of reflection and analysis where we see from a contemplative perspective how far we have come. It is the right time to correct course and discover the most appropriate strategies to achieve future goals.

What will be the signs most affected by Jupiter retrograde?

People with sun sign or ascendant Aries, Sagittarius or Pisces will be the ones who feel the impact of Jupiter’s retrograde most strongly and Well+Good explains why.


The reason Aries will feel its effects most strongly is because Jupiter’s retrograde begins in this sign. It will be a powerful moment of reflection and thinking about all the projects that he started in the last two months. You will have the opportunity to see everything that has been done from an integral perspective and correct the approach.


It is a fire sign very similar to Aries, so it also feels the effects of this transit just like its partner, in addition, Jupiter is its ruling planet. All the movements of this planet are felt more intensely than the rest of the signs, but this one in particular, will have a greater impact on your identity and creativity. He will be presented with the opportunity to process all that he has learned about himself.


Starting on October 27, Jupiter will arrive from Aries to Pisces and will be retrogressing in this sign until December 20. The impact of the traffic in question will take you to assess what the real growth has been and the lessons you have learned. Since this planet is your co-ruler, you will also have the opportunity to look within yourself.

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