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July 2022 will be the best month for these 3 zodiac signs

July will be one of the best months of 2022 for some zodiac signs. The planetary transits that are expected in the following days, highlighting the entry of Mars in Taurus and Mercury doing the same in Cancer on June 5, will be particularly positive for 3 signs.

The full moon in Capricorn, which will be a Supermoon, will also work in favor of these signs when it delights us in the sky on July 13. All of this energy, coupled with Leo season starting on July 22nd, can be intense for most. not so for Gemini, Cancer and Leo.

Jupiter retrograde in Aries, which kicks off on July 28 and coincides with the new moon in Leo, will feel like a fresh breeze of new beginnings.and according to the predictions of YourTango, this is how these zodiac signs will feel it.

Those born from May 21 to June 20 will be open to learning, but instead of following the advice and opinions of others, their instinct is what will lead them to the best path. In July, Gemini will move at her own pace and it will be a time of revelation where she will accept the good, bad and ugly in life, and know what to do about it.

Most of July the Sun will remain in Cancer, this means bright days are still ahead of you. As the Leo season approaches, his spirit will be stronger and he will feel encouraged to assert his needs before everyone. The energy of July offers security, courage and tranquility, so it will be one of your best months.

The season for those born between July 22 and August 22 is about to begin. When the sun touches Leo, those of this sign will not only feel more creative, but also more powerful, empowered and proud of themselves. The universe will be in your favor, so it will be a good time to perform a manifestation ritual.

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