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Julión Álvarez cleans a water tank in his luxurious ranch and takes off his shirt | VIDEO

On various occasions, Julión Álvarez has declared that he did various types of jobs before he achieved fame as a singer. Now, the famous man has shown that his saying is true, because in some videos he can be seen washing a water tank.

It was through TikTok that the recordings where it appears began to go viral. the interpreter of “Terrenal” washing with water, soap and a broom, the inside of a water tank. To do so, the exponent of the Mexican regional did not mind cooling off and taking off even his shirt.

In this way, Julión Álvarez returned to his origins for a while, since he resumed one of the jobs he used to do some time ago, only now he did it to help out at home.

It is worth mentioning that to help carry out the activity, the singer went into the water tank, carving the walls and carrying a portable light on his head.

In a second video, the interpreter of “María” appears trying to enter the water tank on the roof, although it was apparently full of water, since he could not enter completely.

Followers highlight the humility of Julión Álvarez

The videos where Julión Álvarez is seen washing a water tank caused various reactions in the users of the aforementioned platform, highlighting his humility.

“Things that keep Julión humble”; “And the coworkers don’t make a copy because they get demoted”; “humble my little one”; “I love my countryman idol,” they wrote.

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