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Julio César Chávez would be devastated after the elimination of his daughter from La Casa de los Famosos

Julio César Chávez, a retired Mexican boxing legend.

Photo: Jeff Bottari/Getty Images

Former world boxing champion, Julio César Chávez, has been outraged by the negative comments against his daughter Nicole Chávez during her participation in the Reality Show, La Casa de los Famososwhich is broadcast by Telemundo.

Nicole is already preparing to leave the program and has received multiple criticisms from both viewers and her peers.s, a situation that Julio César Chávez has not been able to handle and for which he has been devastated.

The refusal of Julio César Chávez

It should be remembered that the legendary former Mexican boxer never agreed with his daughter’s participation in the aforementioned Reality ShowHowever, he showed his support as a good father who wants to see his daughter succeed.

Since Nicole Chávez’s entry into the television program, there have been many controversies in which she has been involvedso much so that Julius Caesar has already offered “blows” to a few that he called failures.

Chávez never put up with his daughter’s detractors, who constantly asked for her to leave the show. Nicole herself admitted an interview with Yahoo in Spanishwho suffered a lot from the comments against her parents.

Seeing how my parents suffered for everything that has been said about me has been very hard,” he said. “I understand that they mess with me, but that they say that my parents did not know how to raise me is not only unfair. It is unacceptableNicole reiterated.

Ready to leave the House of Famous

Nicole Chávez only received 5% support to continue in La Casa de los Famososand fans of the show celebrated his departure from the show.

The daughter of the legendary boxer prepares for her departure from the program La Casa de los Famosos and Julio César Chávez finds himself disappointed and silent.

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