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Julio César Chávez, what is the cost to get an autograph from the Mexican boxing legend?

Julio César Chávez is one of the most respected voices in Mexican boxing.

Photo: Alvaro Paulin / Imago7

Julio César Chávez is considered the best boxer in the history of Mexico. The charisma and successes of the Aztec fighter led him to become a great boxing idoldespite his personal problems. Currently the figure of the Great Mexican Champion continues to be respected to the point of generating good dividends.

The critics of Saúl Álvarez consider that can never achieve the status of “idol” that Julio César Chávez enjoys today. After several years of his retirement, the Aztec fighter It continues to generate great expectations in its gatherings, despite the price of its events.

An expensive meeting with Julio César Chávez

The Mexican boxing legend will attend an event this Friday, March 3 at 6:00 p.m. in Mexico. The meeting will take place at the La Gran Plaza Fashion Mall shopping center, Guadalajara. This would be a perfect opportunity for having one of the great idols of the ring very close.

but power Getting an autograph will come at a high cost. The entrance to the event would not be free, as it would be around 4,200 Mexican prisoners ($230 dollars)until the 5,500 Mexican prisoners ($300 dollars). Despite the fact that there is some disagreement on social networks about the event rates, there are those who They will not miss the opportunity to meet their great boxing idol and get one of his valuable signatures.

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