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Julio César Chávez spoke about his son’s possible fight with Canelo Álvarez

Julio César Chávez is one of the most respected voices in Mexican sports.

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After several months away from social networks and controversies, Julio César Chávez Jr. reappeared to provoke Canelo. The “Junior” proposed a rematch to Saúl Álvarez so that he would have a more attractive rival than the ones he handles. The “Great Mexican Champion” recognized not be aware of these statements from your child.

He did not know. I respect my son’s opinions, although I don’t share them. It’s his decision, not mine.“said Julio César Chávez in a statement released by Maxine Woodside through YouTube.

Faced with this idea of ​​”Junior”, Julio César Chávez explained that everything will depend on his commitment in training to try to reach your best version on the ring. It is worth mentioning that Chávez Jr. has just faced a long recovery process due to his constant relapses into addictions.

I do not know the truth. Everything will depend on him on how he prepares and how he takes care of himself.”he added.

Canelo is not afraid of “Junior”

Among his provocations, Chávez Jr. assured that he continues to be a careful rival for Saúl Álvarez. The “Great Mexican Champion” was questioned about the alleged fear that Canelo would have about his son to which the former boxer responded negatively.

No, Canelo is not afraid of Julio, Julio just needs to reactivate, win fights and be ready (for a rematch)“, he concluded.

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