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Julio César Chavez Jr. celebrates his 37th birthday in the company of family and loved ones: his father promises good news

Julio César Chávez Jr. has been gradually recovering from his addiction problems and this Thursday he celebrated his 37th birthday in the company of his family and closest friends. Faced with this reality, his father, “César Mayor”, was happy at the celebration of his son and promised good news in the near future.

Celebrating my son Julio’s birthday. There will be good news soon“, wrote the legend of Mexican boxing, Julio César Chávez, father of Junior. The message quickly went viral through social networks and generated great interest among boxing fans and followers of the legendary Mexican boxing family.

Possible return of Junior to the ring

The message of the legendary Julio César Chávez is expected to be in relation to a return to the Junior ringeither in an event that brings them both together on a billboard or who knows if the challenge that he did to Canelo Álvarez will be able to be given, something that sounds a little more complicated due to the different realities between the two fighters.

A few days ago, Julio César Chávez Jr. assured that he was still a threat to Canelothis despite accepting that he currently has nothing in boxing, but that he enjoys the sympathy of the people, something that for the son of the legend Álvarez does not have.

Celebration of the 37th birthday of Julio César Chávez Jr.

Julio César Chávez Jr., already seems to be very recovered after being hospitalized in a clinic to overcome drug addiction and he demonstrated it in the celebration of his 37th birthday, in which he was next to his family and loved ones with a happy face reminiscent of that Julius Caesar when he started in the world of boxing.

In the same way, he uploaded a video on his Instagram account in which he appears in the front row with his wife while everyone sings birthdays to him.celebrating the life of the former boxer who would be about to get back into a ring. The video had more than 14,000 likes. Important figures such as Poncho De Nigris, Chino Maidana, Charly Flores, among others, reacted to all the publications of his birthday.

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