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Julián Quiñones stars in a controversy after sending a photo to a famous Mexican influencer

Julián Quiñones Colombian soccer player from Atlas.

Photo: Refugio Ruiz/Getty Images

The Colombian soccer player from Atlas, Julián Quiñones, starred in another controversial moment this time with the popular Mexican influencer Yeri Muato whom he would have sent a photo with his ex through Instagram, something that annoyed the Veracruz-born woman who also threatened to expose other soccer players who have flirted with him through private messages.

The Atlas element would have sent Mua a photo with her ex-boyfriend Brian Villegas, however, and according to the protagonist of the photo himself, Quiñones had no bad intentions, but simply wanted to prank the influencer. It should be noted that Julián Quiñones is one of the best footballers currently in Liga MX.

A simple joke by Julián Quiñones

I told him, don’t do that and the vato sent her chatting and if he saw the photo, he laughed, but not me because people started saying that I sent it. The vato is a professional, an athlete and they don’t have to include him in this nonsenseBrian Villegas said.

After all this, Yeri Mua published in her stories the photo that Quiñones would have sent her, and after various threats, the fans came out in defense of the Colombian, considering that it was all a minor joke.

Rumors place Julián Quiñones in the Tri

The good performances of Julián Quiñones as a soccer player for Atlas in the MX League have led him to be considered by public opinion as an element that could be nationalized to join the Mexican National Team and now much more with the arrival to the Tri bench of the Argentine Diego Cocca with whom he coincided in Atlas.

Besides coinciding in Zorros with Diego Cocca, Julián Quiñones was a fundamental piece of the team’s historic two-time championship and it is said that the Argentine wanted to return him to Tigres, something that did not end up happeningbut what is not ruled out is that the Colombian arrives at the Tri, due to the good relationship with the coach who has allowed him to go through various controversies.

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