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Julián Gil is furious and launches against ‘La Mesa Caliente’ for interviewing Marjorie de Sousa

The media conflict between Julián Gil and Marjorie de Sousa does not give up and the most recent of their disagreements recently arose. It all happened after the actress went to the “La Mesa Caliente” program and talked about the peace of mind she felt after ending her legal battle for custody of her son Matías.

With a smile on his face, De Sousa revealed how much he has enjoyed this season. “I think that only you vibrate, I thank God to be able to feel this calm, no one has any idea of ​​the storm that one lives and more when you say absolutely nothing, time will speak, there is a very great God who puts everything and accommodates it as it should be, in peace, harmony and love, “he said during his participation in the program.

Said fragment of the conversation was taken up by the host Verónica Bastos and published through her Instagram account. As a result, What was said by the histrionics reached the ears of Julián Gil and he did not hesitate to share his discontent in a forceful comment.

“Total inconsistency and yes, time will take care of it. What a pity that no one asks him the most important thing… Why doesn’t he let me be in Matías’ life”, questioned the Argentine. “Incredible that everyone falls for their manipulations and conditioned interviews. Normalizing this is the worst thing that can be done… And even more knowing me”.

It wasn’t long before the actor’s comment caused a stir under the post and sparked a debate with some people siding with the actor.

“No one knows what happened between them, but you must let your baby look at his father”; “How can she say that she lives in peace when she has a son who cannot see his father just because she decided so” and “What a pity that Myrka told her that she is raising her son alone and she does it because she wants to because the father is willing to act as a father, she is the one who denies her son to know his father”, are some of the comments that are read on the net.

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