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Julián Gil explodes again against his ex-partner, Marjorie de Sousa | VIDEO

tell them and tell them between Julian Gil Y marjorie desousa They do not stop, the Argentine actor assures that his ex-partner does not allow him to see his son, he also sent a forceful message against her, after the actress expressed the complications she has had as a single mother.

“There is nothing impossible in life, I believe that sometimes we live in situations in which only we understand and that silence is only to protect, to embrace and care for what one loves most in life, one endures whatever“He said during his participation in the program La mesa caliente.

In addition, the Venezuelan added that despite the fact that women have their souls beaten or their legs broken, they still get ahead when it comes to their children.

However, these statements were not well received by Julián Gil, who reacted with a forceful message through Instagram, a social network in which he also shares videos and photos with his fiancée, as well as his travels and professional activities.

“Total inconsistency and if time will take care of it… What a pity that no one asks him the most important thing. Why doesn’t he let me be in Matías’ life… Incredible that everyone falls for his manipulations and conditioned interviews. Normalizing this is the worst thing that can be done… And even more knowing me”.


Wrote the actor, who proposed to the Mexican on December 8 in the dunes of Qatar. It should be remembered that Marjorie and Julián separated when they decided to live together, since the Venezuelan took her mother to live with thembut due to his problems with alcohol, their relationship that seemed to be going from strength to strength began to fracture.

The actor asked her to rent a separate house or to send her with the actress’s brother, but Marjorie preferred that he be the one to leave and not her mother. From her separation, disputes began over the protest of her son’s homeland, which was ultimately won by the South American model.

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