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Julián Figueroa’s wife is honest and talks about the alcoholism of Maribel Guardia’s son | VIDEO

The lives of the children of Joan Sebastian they do not stop being under the eye of the hurricane. This time it was again the turn of the son that she procreated with Maribel Guardia, Julian Figueroa.

It was in the most recent broadcast of the show, “De Primera Mano”, where his wife, Imelda Tuñón, spoke about the addictions with which her husband has been linked.

Well, according to Imelda, Julián suffers from alcoholism and opened up about how they have been coping with the controversies around this situationbecause it has brought him possible infidelities.

“Look, the truth is that he has a disease called alcoholism and there are times when people have relapses, what happened, he regrets, more than hitting me, he hit him and he regretted it a lot, he did not remember of what happened”


Despite this, he confessed that it was Julián himself who, crying when he saw the publication, explained that he did not know what happened even at the time it happened.

“The newspaper comes out, as it were, she went crying with me to tell me, I don’t know when this happened, I don’t know how this happened, I don’t know why this, I don’t know why that, I felt very bad. I got angry, of course I got angry because I get angry like that, I immediately turned on, after the anger I had some understanding because in the end I have lived through many episodes with him and the depression is very strong, so I had to support him ”.


And it is that despite the fact that it bothers her to be pointed out for things that she does not do, she does not take her finger off the line to support her husband.

“I mean, I have nothing to do with this and the press kind of falls for me, because of bad comments, if it bothers me a little, we are finally a team.”


Imelda did not miss the opportunity to explain that many of the allegations of infidelity that the press has made during their dating period are false.

This is because having a long-distance relationship they had many breakups and at that time Julián was with other girls.

“All those episodes were from when we were dating, that was when we cut, it’s unfair that they defame him for that.”

Finally, he confessed that Maribel Guardia is a mother-in-law who has never gotten into their relationship and that she is even very fond of him.

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