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Julia Franzén responds to criticism – left Love Island after the premiere

Last Monday was the premiere of Love Island Sweden 2023. The program will be broadcast every day of the week until mid-March – but one person who is not there at the time of writing is the presenter Julia Franzén.

Photo: TV4

At the end of 2022, Julia Franzén told her followers on Instagram that she had got the job as host of Love Island Sweden 2023:

“It is truly an HONOR to lead such a large production. A dream since I was little. Actually started crying already when I was asked about test filming. It also feels so extra fun to lead ‘Love Island’ in particular. I know exactly what the contestants go through because I went through a similar adventure on The Bachelorette,” she wrote at the time.

Julia Franzén: “Getting SMS instead”

But while various dramas unfold during the first week in the Love Island villa – which is located on a peninsula along the Dominican coast – Franzén has already returned to Sweden. Now Franzén comments on the fact that she left the villa shortly after the premiere:

Photo: Instagram @juliafranzen
Photo: Instagram @juliafranzen

“Love Island’s presenters are not on all the time because they get text messages instead. Is the same all over the world. But I’ll be back soon,” she writes in her story on Instagram.

Franzén continues by telling us what she will be doing in Sweden this week:

“Now I’m home for some pressure! You’ll see me in After Five tomorrow.”

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