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Julia Fox defends Meghan Markle: “She is the real royalty”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have received a lot of criticism after the premiere of their new documentary series on Netflix, Harry & Meghan. Now Julia Fox comes to Meghan’s defense. “This woman was BORN to be a leader,” writes Fox on Instagram.

Photo: Instagram @luisa_opalesky/Netflix

On December 8, the documentary series Harry & Meghan was released on Netflix, a series in which the Duke and Duchess of Sussex give their own view of what happened in connection with the couple leaving the UK and renouncing their duties for the British royal family.

The documentary series has given rise to a lot of criticism. However, one person who wholeheartedly supports the couple – or at least Meghan – is Julia Fox, who made headlines earlier this year when she dated Kanye West.

“The real royalty”

In her story on Instagram, Fox recently published a video from an old news segment in which a young Meghan Markle criticizes sexist commercials in which women are portrayed as responsible for all household chores. Meghan was only 11 years old when she wrote a letter to the company Proctor & Gamble asking them to replace the word “women” with “people” in a commercial promoting cleaning products.

Over the video, Fox has written:

“I’m posting this for you bloody racist haters!!!! This woman was BORN to be a leader and bring about change and you are all jealous.” She added: “If you don’t agree, please die. Thanks!”

In the post, Fox also called Meghan “the real royalty”:

“Meghan is the real royalty because in my eyes it is more than a title passed down by the elite. She was truly born a QUEEN.”

Source: The Blast

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