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Juan Rivera’s wife, Brenda, will have her ovaries and breasts removed

Not long ago, one of the public’s favorites in The House of the Famous 3, john riverahe abandoned the reality to take care of a family matter: the health of his wife Brenda. Own Jenny Rivera’s brother He decided to break the silence and explain on Instagram what was really happening with the woman who has also won the hearts of the public.

“My wife has, as far as I understand, 2 Cancer Genes. In English they are called BRCA 1 and 2, which is why she has to remove her breasts and ovaries to avoid a severe case in her“, said Juan Rivera on Brenda. The same one who visited him in The House of the Famous on one occasion and made the Mexican regional singer end up crying.

Now they face this loss of health together and in the company of their children and fans of The House of the Famous 3. It turns out that John and Brenda he plans to renew his vows and the location for this reaffirmation of love will be precisely the television set. Rather, the house in which he lived john rivera with several of the participants.

This has earned some criticism Chiquis Rivera’s uncle but he thinks he ignores it. Just celebrate his wife and make him happy before he goes into surgery. She has been seen smiling and calm as usual next to Juan. Of course, Everything indicates that the couple’s children will also be present at LCDLF 3 to celebrate the love of their parents.

This doesn’t seem like it was a small thing. Even Telemundo already published promotions of the romantic event. Own Juan can’t contain the excitement. There are many times that he has commented that Brenda is a reason to live: “As I have said before. I would like everyone to have the opportunity to meet the woman who changed my life. The woman who has been my strength in many battles”.

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