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Juan Rivera was received by a photo of Jenni Rivera in La Casa de Los Famosos 3. He burst into tears

The brother of Jenni Rivera is one of the members of The House of the Famous 3. Right when he arrived, he was greeted by some photos of The Diva of the Band. This ended up loosening the feelings of the regional Mexican singer, who burst into tears on set with his wife. brenda Y Hector Sandarti.

In the last year exactly john rivera He’s had all kinds of problems with the children of Jenni Rivera, her nephews Chiquis Rivera, Jackie Rivera, Mike Rivera, Jenicka Lopez and Jhonny Lopez. And after a little while, she stopped being in charge of her sister’s music, nor of what is done from now on. We all saw that this meant a distancing and significant family pain in the life of the new participant in the telemundo reality show, The House of the Famous. As well as the rest of the Riveras.

There almost unable to speak and made a sea of ​​tears said goodbye to his wife and continued to the next entry with Jimena Gallegos. He was very charro: white pants, boots and hat. When they entered they were waiting for him Osmariel Villalobos, Jonathan Islands Y Patty Christmas. Remember that the brother of Lupillo Rivera was one of the first to be officially confirmed by Telemundo.

Juan and Paty Navidad are already allies

Precisely for this reason, Jenni Rivera’s brother had the chance to do interviews and his usual lives on Instagram and Facebook. On her way through Hoy Día, she confessed to adamari lopez that Patricia Navidad seemed to him a beautiful and very intelligent woman.

Adamari said that perhaps the issue of the Covid vaccination (since neither of them was there) could generate closeness and camaraderie within LCDLF.

The truth is Juan Rivera surpassed his entrance to La Casa de Los Famosos 3 in a very emotional way and he also had to sleep in the tent. Later we will give you details of how the competition of these is going. 17 participantsamong them Aylin Mujica, Liliana Morillo Y Osmel Sousa.

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