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Juan Rivera spoke with Adamari López about Paty Navidad: “She’s beautiful”

Everything is almost ready to start the reality of Telemundo, The House of the Famous season 3. Patty Christmas Y john rivera They are part of the members. Adamari Lopez showed his brother Jenni Rivera what the actress and singer said about him. To what she is, she replied, assuring that he considers her already a partner in the show a beautiful woman.

Juan Rivera was the special guest at Today. There the talents and above all Adamari López inquired about whether The regional Mexican singer and actress Paty Rivera were already allies before entering La Casa de Los Famosos 3.

Too Today’s talents had the opportunity to present Juan and Paty through a video call. The artist made clear the respect she feels for the singer and his family, including his wife.

john rivera He was very confident and very funny with the talents of Today and he even brought them some caps from the team “Mouse”as they affectionately call the singer and influencer, who will undoubtedly give a lot to talk about from this January 17 when The House of Famous 3 premieres.

For now, the brother of Lupillo Rivera and uncle of Chiquis Riverakeep promoting in instagram to, from now on, win over the thousands of fans that the reality show.

This without forgetting that he also took advantage of singing his most recent musical theme “inside my chest” live during the transmission of Today.

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