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Juan Rivera and Brenda renewed their vows in style at La Casa de Los Famosos 3

As already announced, Juan Rivera and his wife Brenda renewed their vows in a celebration that seemed to be quite a wedding and that carried out the chain Telemundo. Part of his family was present at The House of the Famous. The same ones who cried like the boyfriends and maybe more.

Brenda’s vow renewal celebration and Jenni Rivera’s brother, john rivera, it was all over the top. He was waiting for her at the altar The House of the Famous. There was his brother Gustavo Rivera, who also married “La Diva de La Banda” at the time. Their children, relatives and of course, the beautiful wife of the singer of regional mexican.

Besides, Juan had a surprise for his wife: “I don’t know much about this. I bought this ring a few months ago but it didn’t fit. So I sent him to put it in his size. I didn’t know which one to choose, which one you liked the most ”and she gave him another ring that brenda boasted to the public.

Of course they sealed their love there in The House of the Famous 3 in front of guests like Yordi Rosado, Laura Bozzo, Jimena Gallego and the companions of this edition of the reality show which have already been released: Group King, Osmariel Villalobos, Nicole Chavez and more.

Of course Juan’s parents, Rosa Rivera and Don Pedro Rivera They did not miss the opportunity to give their children some advice: “Super blessed with that daughter-in-law that touched me who put up with her so much. And with my son, the great change that he gave… I am happy that now they are getting married again… And forever, ”he said Madam Rosa.

Let them keep the love. I feel very happy for my daughter-in-law that I love her with all my soul. And my son too. I feel very happy for all the family that he gave me… ”, said the patriarch of the rivera family.

At the end of the ceremony, Rosie Rivera he sang with his brother Juan Rivera. But first, he dedicated some emotional words to him and invited viewers to join the celebration in joy: “Open your hearts and hopefully you can identify with two people who love each other through thick and thin.”

But Juan was not the only one who spoke, Brenda was also able to dedicate an emotional message to her husband: “I’m speechless. It feels like a fairy tale in life. I feel grateful and blessed…” and proceeded to read him a letter that was difficult for him to read. Tears hindered each of his words next to her. Myrka Dellanos, who animated the gala together with Carlos Adyán.

Let’s remember that Juan Rivera wanted to do this as an act of eternal love for his wife before it is intervened to extract her ovaries and breasts. This after they discovered that Brenda has 2 cancer genes that could put her life at risk in the future.

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