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Juan Osorio says that his girlfriend Eva Daniela, 37 years his junior, came into his life to give him youth

Juan Osorio enjoys his courtship with actress Eva Daniela, 37 years his junior.

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John Osorio he is happy and very much in love with the actress eva danielwho despite being almost 40 years his junior has shown that he is the best partner he could have, because in addition to taking care of it, she is in charge of providing youth in the relationship that emerged in March 2021.

The famous producer of soap operas such as ‘My Husband Has a Family’, ‘Single with Daughters’ and soon ‘El Amor Invencible’ starring Angelique Boyer and Danilo Carrera, not only enjoys professional success, but at the same time has managed to maintain a rewarding relationship with also actress Eva Daniela.

But the criticism they have received due to the marked age difference is not a problem for them; This was confirmed once again by Emilio Osorio’s father during a recent interview for TVyNovelas, where he pointed out that Eva Daniela’s youth is leaving her a pleasant experience and has also become a guide to understand the new generations.

She came to me to bring me her youth, his experience, to teach how young people think today and he helps me a lot with my social networks, but he also guides me; There are things that you sometimes don’t see, even if you have them in front of you, and that’s when you take off the blindfold that doesn’t allow me to see further”, explained the creative.

Likewise, Niurka’s ex pointed out that he feels very lucky to have a partner like Eva Daniela, because although they will not work together this time, he always brings something new to his life.

“Eva is not in this melodrama (Invincible Love), for now he is in charge of taking care of me a lot; I think I’m very lucky to have a partner like her.especially because she is a young woman with a lot of energy, she cuddles me a lot and that makes me very happy,” she said.

The couple will spend Christmas in León, Guanajuato, together with the actress’s family, demonstrating that they enjoy a solid relationship.

“The balance that I can make of these 20 months together is very simple: 24 hours of company, although sometimes we are not physically together, but I always feel it with me; I love her with all my heartadded Juan Osorio.

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