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Juan Osorio makes a bold proposal to Shakira to make her bioseries | VIDEO

The break between Shakira and Gerard Piqué does not stop giving people something to talk about, and such has been his media impact that, even the Mexican soap opera producer, John OsorioHe confessed that he wants to do the Colombian bioseries.

Just as they read it, since it was revealed that the South American singer and the former Barcelona soccer player ended their relationship after 12 years and after having two children, Milan and Sasha. The Televisa producer was willing to make the biographical series of the interpreter.

Who is accused of being the victim of infidelity by his partner with Clara Chía Martí. Now, that the interpreter of “Anthology” told part of her story in a song, Niurka’s ex-husband once again expressed his desire to collaborate with her to narrate his experiences.

It was during a talk with the press, when Osorio took the opportunity to launch this proposal, hoping that Shakira would listen to him.

“I would love to do Shakira’s story, how lucky I would be, a producer who manages to do Shakira’s bioseries! It would be amazing! Do you know how many have to be fighting these rights to do it? Hopefully we are lucky. I already want to be knocking on Shakira’s door and tell her: ‘I’ll do your series for you, we’re going to sign with Televisa.’


In the conversation, the celebrity indicated that she is on the side of the “Monotonía” interpreter, since she supports her for being a mother. In addition, she recalled that the new song is a success, since it is known more than her ex-husband’s work as a soccer player..

“I think the song is more famous than Piqué’s last goal”, commented Juan, who has been willing to do the bioseries, since he is an expert in this type of story.

Juan Osorio was in charge of making the Vicente Fernández bioseries for Televisa, which despite not being authorized by the family of “El Charro de Huentitán”.

It had two seasons and was a success, as it registered high audience levels and even critics rated it above the story that Netflix released some time later. because many considered that, in the Televisa version, the true personality of the singer of “Hermoso cariño” was shown.

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