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Juan Ignacio Dinneno and a “zape” that almost ended in a fight within Pumas de la UNAM (Video)

Dinenno is one of the figures of Pumas.

Photo: Erick Saavedra / Imago7

Good news does not abound in Pumas de la UNAM. After the dismissal of Dani Alves the club has had to recover emotionally so as not to be affected. However, within the staff of the university team almost started a fight between colleagues. Those involved outside Juan Ignacio Dinenno and Carlos Gutierrez.

The Argentine forward was “punished” in the middle of the club’s training session for not arriving on time for the session. The idea of ​​coach Rafa Puente was that the players involved would have to go through a corridor of soccer players while they were given “zapes”. Dinenno was among those footballers and almost went to fists.

All was going well as the punishment unfolded. But when Dinenno was about to finish the corridor received “zape” a little stronger than normal from his partner Carlos Gutiérrez. This made the Argentine react and try to return the “kindnesses”. Even Dinenno then went to face him, but two companions noticed this fever and stopped him.

According to the reports, before starting the session, both players took some time to talk about what happened. The outcome of the talk would have ended in a handshake between the two and back to training.

Pumas de la UNAM will face the Xolos de Tijuana this Friday, January 27. The match corresponds to the fourth day of Liga MX.

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