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Juan Ignacio Dinenno believes that the media “dehumanize” soccer players

Dinenno, striker for Pumas de la UNAM.

Photo: Rafael Vadillo / Imago7

The Argentinian Juan Ignacio Dinennoforward of the Pumas UNAM of Mexican soccer, complained this Wednesday that the media tend to dehumanize the players of their sport.

The media dehumanize the soccer player and then people believe that we only care that our salary arrives at the end of the month. I suffer the defeats, I am filled with anguish and frustration”, the attacker of one of the most popular teams in the country explained at a press conference.

Dinenno, 28, assured that in his case he has sought Psychological help to get ahead of difficult moments in your careerlike the one who lives in the Pumas, who have three defeats in a row in the Clausura 2023 tournament.

The lack of wins has sparked criticism from feline fans both in stadiums and on social media, for which the native of Santa Fe has been attacked.

The pressure is different for us footballers because we have media exposure. It is difficult when one is in moments of depression that they write to you and insult you. That is something that can harmbut it’s part of this. I hope that as a society we will improve, that the players will be seen as human beings”, added the third highest scorer in the Clausura, with six goals.

The Pumas occupy the eleventh position among 18 teams in the tournamentwith a record of two wins, a couple of draws and four defeats.

This has put the team’s coach, Rafael Puente Jr., among rumors in the local press that put him out of the Mexico City-based institution.

To get your team back, Puente incorporated a psychologist into his work team, who will try to mentally lift the soccer players, that this Friday they will visit Mazatlán FC on the ninth day of the Clausura.

“On this side, one becomes more sensitive to the mistakes we make, but if I were a fan I would surely react the same way as they did. The challenge is to have that duality of understanding the fan and ourselves. Here we work every day to get out of bad times“, sentenced Dinenno.

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