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José Luis Mora with 42kg less after the Apollo Method

1. José Luis, had he been overweight for a long time?

Practically all life.

2. How did you decide to end the problem

My health situation had worsened considerably in recent years due to my morbid obesity and the complications that it had caused me. Circulatory and tension problems and functional limitation to carry out daily activities.

3. Had you previously resorted to another type of treatment to lose weight?

I have been the typical person who has always been on a diet, some on their own initiative and others with medical support, with a good response initially but after time I got tired and went back to my old ways. Perhaps the mistake is that we associate the word diet with something that has a beginning and an end, and when that end comes we return to the previous diet. We do not realize that this is not a diet but a change of habits for life and that we must see this change of habits as an added value to our lives and not as a renunciation of what we used to like. Precisely because what we used to like is what has led us to an alarming health situation.

4. How did you learn about the Apollo Method technique? Did you know anyone else who had used this technique?

Due to my condition as a doctor and the need to change my life, I began to study a lot about obesity and its possible surgical treatments. In my case, what was indicated was the Gastric Bypass, but, honestly, after having attended many patients with complications in the emergency room, it was a method that I totally rejected. Seeing other options such as the Gastric Balloon or the POSE Method, was how I discovered the Apollo Method, which I was previously unaware of, and I began to study it.

Thanks to my sister, who is also a doctor, I got the phone number of a patient operated on by this method at Obymed and her testimony helped me a lot.

5. How was the intervention?

The intervention went perfectly. Being anesthetized with general anesthesia you do not know anything and the next day you are discharged home. The first 36 hours I had a rougher time, but from then on, the improvement was spectacular and by the fourth day I was already taking walks down the street.

6. And from there, how was the whole process?

The first weeks are complicated because you have to adapt to a very low and liquid oral tolerance diet, but you get along well thanks to the enthusiasm you have deposited in this change of life. On some occasions you may notice too much slackness or dizziness and to avoid them they recommend some shakes that make up for the shortcomings of those moments. From the fourth week, I could practically eat anything, with strict monitoring by my nutritionist, who helped me retrain my intake. Reviews at the clinic are essential, both with the physical trainer who guides you in the indicated exercise based on your needs, as well as with the nutritionist who re-educates you in terms of your diet, as well as the psychologist who is a fundamental staff to furnish your head and make you strong in the face of adversity, giving you weapons with which to combat anxiety and making positive reinforcement of all your achievements.

7. Are you satisfied with the results? How many kilos have you lost?

When I talked to him Dr. Rafael Leon At the Obymed Clinic, I confirmed what I had clear, and that is that I needed a technique that would help me lose weight initially to be able to take charge of my life and thus be responsible for that weight loss without delegating that responsibility only and exclusively in the intervention. In this way, I made a personal commitment to changing habits in my life to achieve the goal of achieving a healthy weight.

After five and a half months since doing the Apollo Method, I have already lost 42 kg.

8. In addition to weight loss, what other changes has the treatment brought about in your general state of health/quality of life?

Changes in every way. I have stopped taking the treatment for hypertension and cholesterol because they have normalized. Now I sleep peacefully all night, something that was unthinkable before. I have an agility of movement to walk, to run and to play with my son that I did not have before. I can put on socks and shoes with no problem and without suffocating. I can sit on plastic terrace chairs without fear of breaking them. I’ve dropped from pant size 66 to 54. Everything is positive.

9. In short, what is the general evaluation of the treatment?

From all that has been said above, it can be concluded that my assessment is very positive and, as many patients say, I am sorry I did not do it before. I bet on my life and I’m winning the bet.

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