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José Benavidez Sr. predicts a failure in the Canelo Álvarez vs. John Ryder in Mexico: “There is no joke, there is no action”

José Benavidez Sr. (c), former boxer and father of boxers.

Photo: Adam Hunger/Getty Images

return of the boxer Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez to Mexico to face the British John Ryder It leaves no one indifferent and everyone comments on the lawsuit to be held on May 6.

This time he is the retired Jose Benavidez Mr.father of boxers and also a coach, the one who has come out to comment on what will be the expected clash in Jalisco, although with criticism of Canelo Álvarez, whom he has returned to qualify (between the lines) as a coward for fleeing confrontations against boxers of the same nationality, including those of Mexican descent.

In conversation left punchBenavidez Sr. was emphatic in ensuring that the Cinnamon vs. Ryder doesn’t care and considered that the British will go to Jalisco to lose, it is a fight already arranged to make Saúl Álvarez look good.

“Who is Ryder, who has Ryder stripped? If it were a PPV, I would not buy it, for me he has no joke, he has no action, ”she added.

For the boxing trainer, the sales of that lawsuit will be a resounding failure and will not even give the expected bagmuch less in Mexico than in other locations where Canelo Álvarez has already been.

“In the last two fights that Canelo has participated, he has not sold because of the fighters they put on him,” remarked Benavidez Sr.

Mauricio Sulaimán defends Canelo Álvarez

Contrary to this position, Mauricio Sulaimán, president of the World Boxing Council (WBC), defended that Canelo Álvarez return to Mexico after more than 10 years of his last lawsuit there.

“There are other venues that have a much greater financial guarantee. He is going to fight for his heart and for Mexico, not for money,” Sulaimán recently said in statements to the press.

The manager also highlighted, although without making it completely official, that Canelo Álvarez’s championship could be in dispute against the British John Ryderwho has a record of 32 wins (18 by KO) and 5 losses.

The only thing confirmed so far is the date of the lawsuit, May 6, but the venue has not yet been announced.

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