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Jorge Salinas flees in his car to avoid talking about his alleged infidelity to Elizabeth Álvarez | VIDEO

The scandal of alleged infidelity on the part of Jorge Salinas a elizabeth alvarez does not stop This time various Mexican media sought out the actor to establish his position on the matter and he did not want to face the cameras.

This after a video showing his reaction to the media, who tried to question him about the controversy he had with his nutritionist, went viral.

In the images, shared by the expert on entertainment issues Eden Dorantes, you can see the protagonist of films such as “Sex, modesty and tears”, “The other family” and “Amores perros” getting into his luxurious vehicle and immediately escapes the questioning of the press.

Despite the insistence of show business, the 54-year-old actor decided not to say a single word about his scandal in which he was romantically linked with Anna Paula, his nutritionist, who did show his face and confessed that the famous flirted with him in repeatedly and even kissed her.

What happened between Jorge Salinas and his nutritionist?

A few days ago, Jorge Salinas was placed in the eye of the hurricane after a famous Mexican entertainment magazine shared some photos in which he looks very romantic with Anna Paula, his nutritionist.

The publication assures that the protagonist of “Fire in the Blood” was unfaithful to his wife Elizabeth Álvarez. The images would be conclusive evidence that an infidelity occurred within one of the most stable marriages in the entertainment industry.

Anna Paula, romantically linked to Jorge Salinas, broke the silence and assured that at some point she did receive flirtations from the renowned actor.

In an interview, The young woman pointed out that she always had a professional relationship with Jorge Salinas, she even let him know that she was dating a personsituation that would have bothered him.

“Sometimes there was some kind of flirtation, but I always kept to a line, let’s say as professional as possible, I told him that I had a partner and that, well, he was annoyed at a certain point”
Anna Paula

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