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Jorge León, Cazzu’s stylist, revealed the secrets of Christian Nodal’s girlfriend to be a trend

The girlfriend of Christian Nodal, cazzuis gaining more and more popularity among Hispanic fans and not only for his music in the urban genre.

Well, Argentina has given something to talk about since she became the girlfriend of the interpreter of “La Scoundrel” and the world of entertainment exploded by surprise in romance. Both have a very particular style and the singer’s personal stylist told how it is prepared.

Christian Nodal’s girlfriend’s stylist, Jorge León, gave details to the Argentine magazine “Gente” about the singer’s look and what it’s like to work with her.

“Her looks are a great cocktail of anime, vintage photographs, series, movies, and also icons of current fashion and other decades. She is always one step ahead of everyone.”


To clarify this doubt, Cazzu’s stylist assures that: “An artist communicates not only with his music, but with everything that is seen and shown. We are witnessing a new era. Just as rock, punk or pop was lived, today is the turn of the urban. And this movement cuts across all social classes in an amazing way.”

In addition, for Christian Nodal’s partner to put together their look, the stylist said: “Working with Cazzu means being permanently out of my comfort zone. She is an artist who is very clear about what she wants and what she doesn’t, and she is always one step ahead and makes her the owner of a unique style ”Leon stated.

“I come from a fashion background, collaborating with Cazzu is much more relaxed, while I learn to have a less hegemonic look. When choosing a particular look that has become a hit, I couldn’t choose just one. I am very fond of all of them and they all have something to tell”.

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