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Jonas Gardell on the relationship with Mark Levengood: “Going to the cinema”

Earlier this year, Jonas Gardell and Mark Levengood announced that they had chosen to end their relationship. Now Gardell talks for the first time about how their relationship looks today.

Photo: Instagram @levengood.mark

It was at the end of January this year that the spouses Jonas Gardell and Mark Levengood went out and told that they had separated.

Gardell and Levengood, who married in 2011 and have two children together, announced the decision in separate Instagram posts. They also told us that they would not divorce, even if they chose not to continue with their love relationship.

“We’re going to therapy and we’ll see where it leads,” Gardell wrote on the platform.

“Invited Mark to the cinema”

Now, for the first time, Gardell has given an insight into what the relationship with Levengood looks like today. When he recently visited Half past three with Lotta Bromé on Mix Megapol, he said that he was going to meet his husband that evening:

“I’ve invited Mark to the cinema tonight and then we’ll drink wine. You can also do that when you have separated,” he says according to The evening paper.

The newspaper also writes that Gardell received tens of thousands of private messages after he and his husband went public with their separation on Instagram – but that not all of them were filled with compassion:

“Quite a few were like this: ‘Did you think of me then,'” people wrote to us. And we said: ‘No, we’re busy with ourselves here,'” he says in the radio show.

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