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Jomari Goyso wants to live in a bubble in 2023 and he already has everything ready to fulfill it

Jomari Goyso.

Photo: Mezcalent / Mezcalent

The Spanish fashionista Jomari Goyso, 41, left his apartment in the city of Miami in the midst of a pandemic and since then has lived in hotels, as he has not yet been able to fulfill his desire to build the house of his dreams, although he hopes that that objective is met in 2023, which is about to begin.

In an interview, which he gave to MezcalTV, the Univision collaborator explained that he is waiting for the authorities to authorize his architectural project, which would literally lead him to live in a kind of bubble.

“A requirement that you have to have and that you didn’t have before. What happens to me is that I lived in an attic, in a penthouse happy with life, but I wanted more privacy, I wanted more to live in a “bubble”, and I think that is the challenge of my next house, that it be a “bubble”…”, said Jomari.

He then detailed what he meant by living in a bubble and his clarification made it more than clear what he is looking for in his new home and what, for obvious reasons, he did not have in his old penthouse.

“What is a ‘bubble’ to me? That I have a patio, that I can make my world, independent of anything and my family can come and everything and we are in a “bubble”, she pointed out.

Jomari Goyso, as we tell you right here, left his apartment eight months ago, because he wanted everything that he had experienced there back and he did not want to continue living in the new phase that he had decided to start.

“In the middle of the pandemic, they offered me money for where I lived and I sold it and went to live in a hotel. “Sign of God”. I have the house, what happens is that I am doing it. It may be the house of my dreams, but I can’t tell you until I’m in it. I don’t know yet because I don’t know if it’s going to happen or not, because of permits and things, it’s not such an easy thing , but I would love for 2023 to finally be able to say: this is my house”, he concluded.

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