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Jomari Goyso: This was his return to ‘Despierta América’ after the accident

Jomari Goyso.

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On his medical skateboard, more intense than usual and scolding everyone… This was the return of Jomari Goyso to ‘Despierta América’, after the accident he suffered, when his horse fell over, which led to emergency surgery on one of his legs.

Yes, in his best Jomari style, but more enhanced by the month he spent without giving an opinion, without being in the studio and without his colleaguesthe Spanish stylist and fashionista He showed his love and happiness by scolding his companions, claiming the lack of effusiveness and opposing almost everything in the opinions of ‘Sin Rollo’.

But of course, precisely that style is what the public loves the most and his colleagues too. A Marcela Sarmiento asked her not to be more affectionate and told her that she sure didn’t even miss him. A Lindsay Casinelli told him that thankfully she had finally cut her hairand she clarified that the cut was for her extensions. Francisca was annoyed as much as she could, on the air and off the airOf course she is your best friend.

However, and in the midst of a process that still does not have an end date and has several therapies ahead of it, Jomari’s arrival was a great joy for everyone and, without a doubt, ‘Sin Rollo’ once again had another flavor with his presenceespecially when he defended the singer’s statement, Lali Espósito, who showed her sex toy on networks and the Spaniard asked her colleagues if they had one or not.

Let’s remember that Jomari suffered a terrible accident whenriding his horse Dorado, in Spain, slipped on a curve, and the animal ended up on top of him with consequences that they took him to the emergency room and undergo surgery.

On the morning of the 29th, I had an accident with the horse, it didn’t throw me, in a curve, half running with my friend Perico, we slipped, both horses fell, but the horse fell on top of me… I don’t remember much, I fell, the first thing I went to was to look for my phone, I saw my right hand was dislocated, what the doctors tell me is that I jammed my hand, and I called my sister from the phone, I told her exactly where I was, she came with my father, they immediately called the ambulance The left foot was completely to the sideI took off my horse’s spurs, my boots, I don’t remember having pain, I was in shock,” he explained at the time in a connection with “Despierta América.”


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