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Jomari Goyso: The accident with his horse ended up being a story of love and miracle

Jomari Goyso.

Photo: Mezcalent / Mezcalent

As we have seen these days Jomari Goyso suffered a horrible accident when, riding his horse Dorado, in Spain, they slipped on a curve and the animal ended up on top of him with consequences that they took him to the emergency room and undergo surgery.

But what seems like a tragedy, actually ended up being a story of miracle and love. yes though Goyso had to have foot surgery and his right hand is delicate, everything could have been even worseboth for him and his beloved horse.

On the morning of the 29th, I had an accident with the horse, it didn’t throw me, in a curve, half running with my friend Perico, we slipped, both horses fell, but the horse fell on top of me… I don’t remember much, I fell, the first thing I went to was to look for my phone, I saw my right hand was dislocated, what the doctors tell me is that I jammed my hand, and I called my sister from the phone, I told her exactly where I was, she came with my father, they immediately called the ambulance The left foot was completely to the sideI took off my horse’s spurs, my boots, I don’t remember having pain, I was in shock”, Jomari told his companions from ‘Sin Rollo’ from ‘Despierta América’ a few days ago.

So far it is a tragic accident, but we told you at the beginning that it was a story of love and miracle, why? Because before surgery, and in a wheelchair, Jomari asked to go to the stable where his Golden horse, whom he loves so much, was still in shock.and with which he has so much connection.

An accident of this type could not only have had terrible consequences for the fashionista, but also for his horse that a bad fall would have cost him to be put down, as we have seen in so many other stories.

It gives me a lot of feeling, and I want to go see Dorado, because he is my horse, I want to see my horse, because we both had the accident, I was also in shock“, explained that day in ‘Despierta América’ Jomari, who even confessed that the animal kissed him, something he does not usually do because he assures that it is more rebellious than him.

So far we will tell you about the love connection, that of Jomari with Dorado, but The miracle has another name: that of his beloved grandmother, who was not only his reference in life, but also after death.. And he himself told where this new proof of love began.

God is with me because we literally came from seeing my grandmother in the cemetery, it was clear that she was with GodThe next day in the morning they operated on me and I was discharged on the 31st to start the year off on the right foot,” the story concluded.

Jomari will visit the doctor this coming Monday where they will tell him what type of treatment he should follow and when it will be possible for him to travel to the United States and return to their activities. For now, The Spaniard shared that what this new test of life taught him is the value of family and having them close.


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