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Johnny Depp is accused of having a bad attitude in his latest project

After the trial and media scandal that starred the American actor, Johnny Depp in the judicial process against his ex-wife Amber Heard he started new projects.

Among them, his musical career and the return to the stage after three years of absence, he would film the film by Jeanne du Barry, which tells the story of the last lover of King Louis XV.

Depp’s acting ability has characterized him for playing exotic, dark, happy and even melancholic roles, from Willy Wonka to Edward Scissorhands and now in a period drama he plays royalty inside the bowels of Versailles.

However, the actor’s professionalism has been questioned after in recent days He has been accused of “bad behaviour” on the set of the French feature film.

According to the journalist Bernard Montiel in the TPMP program, he reported that the protagonist, who is also in charge of directing the project, has been in heated arguments with Jack Sparrow over his lateness which caused some of the important shots to be delayed.

“Depp is an excellent actor when he arrives on set except sometimes the crew is ready at 6 in the morning and he doesn’t show up”Maiwenn adds.

This situation made the producer even more angry, so if the actor did not appear the next day, she did not do so as revenge, as reported by the French communicator.

And although it is in the post-production process, it is expected that those discrepancies between the two celebrities will not affect the long-awaited story.

The story narrates the life of the emblematic Jeanne Bécu who, despite growing up in a family of commoners, ascends to the French court thanks to her cunning and intelligence to become one of the lovers of King Louis XV.

The film will be released in 2023 and will also star Louis Garrel, Pierre Richard and Noémie Lvovs.

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