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Johanna Lind Bagge ready for Let’s Dance 2023

Johanna Lind Bagge participates in Let’s Dance 2023, it is announced on the program’s Instagram account. “This will be a fantastically fun, intense and challenging journey,” she says in a clip.

Photo: Instagram @johannalindbagge

Now it is clear that Johanna Lind Bagge will join the celebrities who will show off their dancing talents in this year’s edition of Let’s Dance.

Johanna Lind Bagge: “Dance is health”

Bagge – who is an entrepreneur, influencer and skin therapist – shared the news in a clip on the show’s Instagram:

“This will be a fantastically fun, intense and challenging journey that I hope you will join me on,” she says and continues:

“So from dancing with the dogs in the kitchen, and from the skin care and health industry and the fashion industry, I put on my dancing shoes and with staggered steps I hit the dance floor. Because dance is actually also health! And joy and energy.”

For The evening paper Lind Bagge tells us that she hopes to have a “strict teacher who says it’s good when it really is good”:

“No ‘lullillull’, like. The times you commit to something, I do it all the way through, otherwise you shouldn’t do it. I will probably fall asleep to dance, and wake up to dance and think dance now. And I’ll be so annoyed with myself if I don’t get it together.”

Let’s Dance premieres on March 18 on TV4 Play & TV4.

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