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Joan Laporta explodes against the president of La Liga and accuses him of having a phobia of FC Barcelona: “He has taken off his mask again”

Joan Laporta, president of FC Barcelona.

Photo: Lluis Gene/AFP/Getty Images

Joan Laporta exploded against Javier Tebas, president of La Liga and accused him of having a phobia of FC Barcelona, this as a consequence of the “Enríquez Negreira Case”, where the blaugrana team is accused of paying the referee to receive reports from the referees who would whistle in the games they played. The head honcho of the Catalan team stated that he would not resign from his position to please Thebes and recalled some events in which the manager would have wanted to harm the team.

I must state that Mr. Thebes has already come back to the fore. Some of you already told us that Tebas was promoting a reputational campaign against Barça and myself. He has taken off his mask again“, quoted Joan Laporta in a press conference from the Spotifu Camp Nou, which were reviewed by Sports world.

Laporta assures that Tebas wanted to prevent Messi from playing for FC Barcelona

He added that Tebas wanted to prevent Messi from playing for the team in 2005 when he was a director of Alavés. “In his career he has already shown his anti-Barcelonaism, his phobia against Barça. In 2005, while at Alavés, he didn’t want Messi to play for Barça. Now he wants to bill us because at Barça we don’t sign a contract with CVC and because we want to play in the Super League“.

In the same way, Laporta referred to Tebas’ desire for him to leave the presidency of FC Barcelona, ​​and in the face of this reality, he does not intend to take a step back. “Now he says his wish is that he does not want me to be president of FC Barcelona. He tries to destabilize. About this wish I am not going to give you the pleasure, because FC Barcelona is one of its partners and partners“.

Forceful against whoever wants to stain FC Barcelona

Joan Laporta also ensured that they would not let anything or anyone dirty the history or the shield of FC Barcelona, ​​and in the face of this reality they will be forceful. “Whoever dedicates himself to dirtying the history of FC Barcelona will have a forceful response. FC Barcelona, ​​its history, has been built on the basis of spectacular football that has led it to sporting successes“, he pointed out emphatically.

Our players and coaches have led us to excellence. As chairman of this board, we will not allow them to dirty our history. They will receive a strong answer“, finished.

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