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Jill’s Porch 2023 – all guests

Wednesday, March 8, it’s time for a new season of “Jill’s Veranda”. As in previous years, many strong stories and magical music are promised, and guests include David Ritschard, Cleo, Frida Hyvönen and Lisa Ekdahl!

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As usual, the guests are tasked with choosing a song to perform with Jill and writing a wish list of what they want to see and do in Nashville. First up is artist Lisa Ekdahl who has chosen “The Ghost of Tom Joad” by Bruce Springsteen to sing with Jill.

“It feels wonderful to finally be able to bring our national treasures to Nashville again. I learn – and experience so much together with my guests. I think it’s so exciting and interesting to be able to filter every meeting through music,” says Jill Johnson.

Guests in “Jill’s Veranda” 2023

Episode 1, Lisa Ekdahl
“When I think of Lisa Ekdahl, I think of wisdom and prudence. I am often touched by our meetings, as I experience such warmth, coolness and secure ground in Lisa in everything she conveys. She is beautiful, sensual, musically talented and there lives a lovely voice and a great fellow human being in her”.
SVT Play Wednesday 8 March at 02.00 and in SVT1 at 20.00 the same evening

Episode 2, David Ritschard
“David was this season’s big surprise for me and he came in with country in Swedish and overturned my prejudice that country is best in English. Our meeting did not turn out at all as I had imagined, but in the end a meeting that touched me a lot and I am sure many will share that experience with me.”
SVT Play Wednesday 15 March at 02.00 and in SVT1 at 20.00 the same evening

Episode 3, Sara Parkman:
“Finally a real folk musician on the veranda – the first. As I longed for. Fresh, down-to-earth and musical at your fingertips. She masters the violin as if born with it in her arms and her unique voice meets mine in octaves. My image of folk music mostly revolves around a midsummer pole, and it was a learning journey and a memorable performance where we did a country and folk version of Chris Isak’s big hit Wicked Game.”
SVT Play Wednesday 22 March at 02.00 and in SVT1 at 20.00 the same evening

Episode 4, Ola Salo:
“Ola is a colleague who I have had the pleasure of working with on a few occasions and he is a brilliant entertainer. Ola comes in with a familiar energy that I recognize and we talk a lot about fashion and ways to express yourself with clothes. Ola brings up his personal style with a confidence that I admire and that I perceive as androgynous, brave and independent There will be harmonica playing and an unforgettable musical meeting – he is a sparkling cowboy!”
SVT Play Wednesday 29 March at 02.00 and in SVT1 at 20.00 the same evening

Episode 5, Cleo:
“The fact that rappers make me nervous is old. I’ve had several visitors on my porch, but not a female rapper and not Nathalie Missaoui, the artist Cleo. Nathalie came to Nashville with a touching life story, warmth, care and coolness. Her narrative lyrics made me feel a community in the songwriting, even though I feel that rap is far from my own expression. Nathalie leaves the rap at home in Sweden and sings straight into my heart on the Cumberland River. When she leaves Nashville, she does so in a cowboy hat and boots. Nashville loves her and I think she brought a little bit of Nashville home with her.”
SVT Play Wednesday 5 April at 02.00 and in SVT1 at 20.00 the same evening

Episode 6, Frida Hyvönen:
“Frida, a musical, theatrical music artist, who writes subtle and thoughtful texts. The gaze is scrutinizing, she listens and I feel that she thinks before she answers, and I think she is stunning. I listen and reflect to the best of my ability and try to embrace thoughtfulness and not talk and think at the same time, as I normally do. She swept into the porch house in a red cape and we meet in the differences and it is beautiful in every way.”
SVT Play Wednesday 12 April at 02.00 and in SVT1 at 20.00 the same evening

When does “Jill’s Veranda” 2023 premiere?

The fifth season of Jill’s porch premieres on Wednesday March 8 at 02.00 on SVT Play and at 21.00 on SVT1 the same evening.

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