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Jill Johnson’s new picture of her daughter has her followers amazed – it’s like berries

There is no doubt that Jill Johnsson’s daughter Havanna is her mother to this day, a fact that many reacted to when she published a new picture on Instagram: “SO like you!”, writes Sonja Aldén.

Photo: Instagram @jilljohnsonmusic

Recently, Jill Johnson took the opportunity to congratulate her daughter Havanna on her birthday in a touching post on Instagram:

“Today she turns 18, beloved Havanna! So Beautiful inside and out and so warm hearted and wise! Grateful for you. Congratulations on your big day! We love you,” the artist wrote.

“A mini-me”

In the post, Johnson had also included a picture of the daughter, which caused many of her friends and followers to react to the striking resemblance between mother and daughter:

“Thought it was a picture of a young Jill. So similar and so beautiful,” writes one follower.

“Like a carbon copy of you!”, another person comments.

“Congratulations on your beautiful mini-me! SO like you!”, writes Johnson’s musician colleague, Sonja Aldén.

Got engaged earlier this year

Havanna is one of Jill Johnson’s two daughters that she has with her ex-husband Håkan Werner, to whom she was married between 1999 and 2017.

In 2018, Johnson was seen for the first time with his new love, the psychologist Mattias Elg. The two got engaged earlier this year, which she shared on Instagram in June:

“With the Amalfi Coast in the background, in beautiful Positano, Italy, he got down on one knee and asked me if I wanted to marry him. Dear friends around the world, there is a wedding to look forward to!”, she wrote at the time.

Elg also talked about the happiness in love in a post on the platform:

“I was a little more nervous than I thought I would be. As the man in my best years that I am. But the happiness I felt when the answer came, yes, it was felt in my whole heart,” he wrote.

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