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Jhonny Caz takes advantage of his vacations from Grupo Firme to enjoy his great passion | VIDEO

Johnny Caz ranks as one of the most charismatic members of firm group. But this is no coincidence, as the famous vocalist revealed his second passion besides singing, and that is dancing in a Mexican Folklore ballet.

Just as you read it, the renowned interpreter is taking vacations from the famous group, which he took advantage of to dance as he likes, in a whole show exalting Mexican culture.

The brother of eduin caz He is a great dancer, an activity he has been doing since before joining Grupo Firme, the famous man uploaded several videos and photos to his official Instagram account in which he announces that he is joining a folkloric dance group to perform a demonstration.

“There are loves that will never stop being. For me, one of them is folk dance, I put on my boots again and stomp, once a dancer always a dancer, once a xochipilli always a Xochipilli”


He wrote the third voice of Grupo Firme in one of the last publications that can be seen from his profile.

The comment space was filled with good wishes for the group star, who showed that he is passionate about this art formbecause in addition to doing it with spectacular energy, she also wears a big smile when carrying out each of the steps of the group choreography.

Among the people who commented are Karla Díaz from JNS, Ricardo Peralta from “Pepe y Teo” and of course her fiancé Jonathan Bencomo, who took the opportunity to tell him how proud he is of everything he does.

“There is no doubt that you are an inspiration, I love you and thank you for making me part of each special moment.”

It should be remembered that Jhonny Caz and his partner are engaged to be married, it was in 2021 when Jonathan Bencomo broke into one of the Grupo Firme concerts to ask his beloved to be together for lifeAlthough the answer was almost obvious, the singer did not hesitate to say yes.

More than a year has passed since their engagement and many of the followers wonder when the link will take place, in addition there are others who assure that it will be this 2023, what they have questioned is whether it will be in Culiacán, Sinaloa, Tijuana, Baja California or Chihuahua, Chihuahua, places where both have family and friends.

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