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Jhonathan Lazcano: the strategist publicly clarified the controversial push against the Pumas Femenil player

The Lazcano incident occurred in Pumas’ 1-1 draw with Cruz Azul.

Photo: Rafael Vadillo / Imago7

In the last few hours, a lot of commotion has been generated controversial action in the Liga MX Femenil. jonathan lazcanocoach of Pumas, has been the target of criticism for push Natalia Macías, one of her players. The video has circulated on social networks and has generated multiple opinions about it. The strategist quickly offered some statements to justify his action.

In an interview with TUDN Lazcano assured that these actions are typical within soccer. The young strategist does not see this situation with his team’s lead as “abnormal”. Jhonathan Lazcano acknowledged that he is a euphoric person.

It surprised me because it goes out of context, it was about motivation, I am euphoric and it is surprising that something that comes from outside of malice, simple and pure as it feels, that is brought into this ill-informed context (…) They are football things that only those who are on the field, those who played, understand the adrenaline of wanting to continue playing and that moment where you get that courage. They are football things and nothing more than football, ”he explained.

Natalia takes her percentage of blame

The other part of this story also had its considerations. Natalia Macías considers that she did not have a good attitude towards her coach’s decision to change. Users on social networks reduced his “tantrum” made when leaving the field to the front. Natalia acknowledges that she had a bad attitude.

I admit the mistake, after the game I approached JonnyAs soon as I sat on the bench I brayed, the marble dropped. The game ended and I approach, I accept my mistake, I admit it and we talk. There are the values ​​of Pumas, in recognizing, accepting the mistake and moving forward,” he said.

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