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Jesús Corona supports Cruz Azul’s punishment against his son: “He must take responsibility for his actions”

Jesús Corona in a match with Cruz Azul.

Photo: Agustin Cuevas/Getty Images

Misael Corona was the protagonist of social networks and the media after it was known that he attacked a security member outside a restaurant. The Cruz Azul U-20 goalkeeper will be penalized by the “Cement Machine” and his father, Jesús Corona, seconded the measure.

Hours after images of the conflict were released, Cruz Azul issued a statement in this regard and explained that it would take disciplinary action against the young man.

“The Cruz Azul Soccer Club informs that disciplinary measures will be taken immediately, according to the images and testimonies related to a private meeting in which various members of our youth teams participated. On and off the pitch, Cruz Azul will not tolerate any type of behavior that goes against the values ​​and principles of our institution,” he began.

“In addition to punishing those involved in the aforementioned events, the directive has facilitated dialogue between both parties, so that reparation for damages can be completed as soon as possible and that those responsible assume the consequences of their actions,” he concluded.

Jesus Corona spoke about it

In an interview for the ESPN network, the captain of the team led by Ricardo ‘Tuca’ Ferretti did not oppose the punishment that his son Misael will receive. “As Misael’s father, I respect the board’s decision and I also talked to my son so that he would take responsibility for his actions.”

“I am not going to be against that decision (his son’s loss) having been made for having committed an act outside the guidelines and values ​​of the club,” added the goalkeeper in a written communication after a previous contact with the media.

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