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Jesús Corona says goodbye to the Mexican National Team and sends a hint to Memo Ochoa: “It’s time for the new generations to come”

At 42 years of age, Jesus Crownthe Cruz Azul goalkeeper told the press that he wanted to retire from the pitch, something he would love to do with La Máquina Celeste, so is looking for a contract extension for one more year. In the same way, His retirement from the Mexico national team was obvious and he said that it is time to give way to the new generations of goalkeepersgiving a scratch to Guillermo Ochoawho remains firm in his decision to go to the next World Cup in 2026.

In a conference with the media prior to the Máquina Celeste matchup against Pumas, he made his intentions clear, although he is fully aware that this is a decision that does not depend on him, which is why he is already in talks with the Cruz Azul board of directors. .

“My dream is to stay at the club, obviously I would like to retire here at the institution, in this institution that has supported me at all times, for which I am very grateful. I would like to play one more year and already think about retirement, ”he explained.

Now I will be about to meet with Víctor Velázquez to talk about that topic. My idea is to continue at the club, but I told him that I was going to be very honest about how I felt about my knee, with the issue that I had a year ago and well, now I feel very well physically, which is something very important for make this decision to be able to continue, obviously you have to talk to the board, talk to oscar perez also, the new coach, ‘Tuca’ also has to be a part of this, but I’m calm, I’m enjoying every moment”, he said.

On whether he would like to return to the Mexican National Team, the veteran player, who He has not been called up to El Tri since 2018, when Gerardo Martino came to the helm, He ignored his departure from the national team and considered that we are at a time when the youngest goalkeepers should be given an opportunity.

“It is time for the new generations to come, that is clear to me. In the past process I did not have the opportunity to go to a single call and that is respected. The decisions made by the coach must be respected. Now, we are in another moment, I have had to be in the national team for 15 years since the first time I was called up, and It is time for the new generations to raise their hands and they should be given that opportunitythey have to be given that moment and that they take advantage of it, every time they are called up and in every tournament,” he exclaimed.

After this comment, the talk was immediately related to Memo Ochoa, who appeared in the most recent call for the new DT of the team, Diego Cocca, and who is also known by all that he intends to go to the 2026 World Cup, although for that then he will be 41 years old, for which reason Corona was asked directly about the subject, to which he replied that the coach has his reasons for choosing the selected ones and that he thinks it is due to a matter of hierarchy and leadership.

“It is an issue that the coach on duty puts in the balance, to know what the team really needs. I imagine that he does it for a matter of experience, of hierarchy, that he also covers all these young people, who are going through a very good moment, ‘Memo’ has shown that capacity whenever he has been required in the selectionI imagine that is why it is the decision that the national coach has made ”, he concluded.

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